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President Jokowi Urges Coffee Businesses to Promote Upstream Sector

During a Ngopi Sore or Afternoon Coffee event, Indonesia President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo has encouraged coffee businesses to promote the upstream sector of the coffee industry in Indonesia.

“I think, more importantly, there can be far more profits if we can see the coffee business process from the upstream until the coffee is served into a cup for a consumer, because the biggest advantage is there,” said the President in his speech at Bogor Palace on Sunday (10/01/2017) afternoon.

The president said coffee cultivation is important to do. However, promotion in the upstream sector will lift the price of commodities for coffee farmers.

The President invited coffee commodity businesses to also develop their businesses toward the presentation of coffee drinks.

“I think our young people are building a good post-harvest, good packaging and then processing it with good baristas and selling it not in the usual way, with an online store, an online store, I think it will be more easy to enter and engage the global markets,” Jokowi added.

The President invites all stakeholders of the coffee industry to enlarge the name of Indonesia on a global level through a variety of diverse coffee varieties.

“I think a lot of good areas in West Java, Central Java, East Java including in Papua have the opportunity to raise Indonesia as the biggest coffee producer in the world because the land is there,” said President.

President Jokowi hosted the Ngopi Sore event with a number of beverage and coffee commodity businesses of Indonesia.

The event was also attended by Chief of Staff of President Teten Masduki and Head of Creative Economy Body Triawan Munaf.

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