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Paper dominates Indonesia`s export in 2016-2017

Paper products dominate Indonesias global exports in two years, which was worth US$13.95 billion of the total wood products’ exports of $11.83 billion in 2016-2017.

“These value are wood-based products with V-Legal documents, namely SVLK and FLEGT licenses,” Director of Forest Products Processing and Marketing, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Rufiie, said here on Monday.

SVLK is Indonesias timber legality assurance system, while FLEGT is the EUs Forest Law Enforcement, Government and Trade.

According to Rufiie, the export of wood products using the V-Legal and FLEGT system was just implemented in 2016. FLEGT was issued after Indonesia implemented SVLK.

In 2016, Rufiie added that the total global export value of Indonesia’s timber products amounted to $9.26 billion. Wood products’ exports with FLEGT license, which is exported to the EU, amounted to $868.85 million.

Of the total exports, paper products to all countries around the globe amounted to $3.11 billion, while paper exports to the EU amounted to $204.17 million.

“There are two systems applied in wood products’ export, namely with SVLK for all countries outside the EU and FLEGT Licenses for the EU market,” Rufiie remarked.

Up to March 2017, the export value of wood products to all countries was worth $2.57 billion, while that to the EU was worth $277.26 million.

The global paper export value until March 2017 was worth $837.37 million, while export to the EU was worth $65.25 million.

“Export of wood products in the form of handicrafts to all countries till March 2017 was worth $28.91 million, export of furniture was worth $368.05 million, export of panel was worth $567.48 million, export of pulp was worth $475.66 million, export of wood works was worth $265.04 million, and export of wooden chips was worth $ 28.91 million,” Rufiie revealed.

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