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Kingaru Sleep has plans to make buying a mattress simple and convenient

Choosing a mattress sounds simple, but for some it can be a nightmare. The sheer range of prices and the number of options can be daunting. It’s one reason why mattress startup Kingaru sells just one model in all six standard sizes—to help simplify the buying experience. Prices range from $180 (3 million IDR) for a twin up to $1,000 (11 million IDR) for a king size.

Last week, the company’s chief explained to Retail News why he felt the pain of consumers overwhelmed by the task of finding a new bed.

“Buying a mattress in a mattress store ranks as one of the worst consumer experiences still in existence,” Kingaru Sleep CEO and founder Sven Vervaert told Retail News in an interview.

“Laying on a mattress in your street clothes for fifteen seconds and making a decision if it’s right for you, it’s kind of perverse. People hate that,” Sven said. “They hate that a commissioned sales person is going to stand over you and try to sell you something,” he added.

When Sven and his partners launched the online startup in 2017, he said they knew that “if we wanted to offer a great experience, we had to allow customers to avoid the store and let you peruse and learn about the products online.” Now the time has come that we will start selling the so called “Perfect Mattress”. Our online store will open its doors in Januari 2018 and we invite all people from Indonesia to have a read at our website to see how we will bring convenience in their lives.

For that reason, Kingaru offers free shipping, delivering a mattresses compressed in a box within 2-5 business days that can be tried free for 100 nights. Soon available in Indonesia, but Malaysia and Singapore is on the roadmap for Q2 2018.

Kingaru has invented a compression technology what makes it convenient to ship it right to your doorstep in a small box.

“We also believe the only way to know if a mattress is right for you is to try it at home,” Sven said. If a client doesn’t like the mattress, we take it back and donate or recycle it.

Less choice, more comfort

Sven said the industry average for a mattress lifespan is 7 to 10-years—but Kingaru has a 10 year warranty. “We test it to last at least 20 plus years,” he added.

Kingaru is just one of a growing field of upstarts trying to help consumers sleep better at night.  Yet instead of having multiple mattress designs and firmness options, Kingaru only offers only one. Sven called the model a “universally comfortable” one that uses memory foam and a  “comfort layer” made in the Indonesia with Belgian fabrics.

Part of the confusion of retail mattress is what Sven called the “paradox of choice.”

“The reality is stores use that as a trick to think that you have to go in but there’s no reason you need 70 different things that all look the same,” Sven said, offering hotel beds as an example. “When you check into a hotel, they don’t say, ‘Oh, what kind of mattress do you need?’ and have you fill out a really complicated matrix of firmness,” he added.

We look forward to their official launch in Januari.

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