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How Kingaru Sleep made buying a mattress Cool

You know the feeling. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends, skimping on shut-eye, and now your work is suffering. That was the subject of a conversation a while back between two men at a co-working space in Canggu, Bali.

“We kept coming back to the topic, and discussing how much more productive we were when we prioritized sleep, and that led to a conversation about how buying mattresses was a terrible experience,” recalls Sven Vervaert.

The group were tired of fast-talking salespeople forcing them to test dozens of mattresses at a time.

“You feel you almost need to take a shower after going into a mattress store,” quips Sven.

They decided they could do things differently, and launched online mattress company Kingaru Sleep in 2017 with Sven as its CEO. It’s a startup with a radical approach to the mattress business. They are ready to start selling at the end of this month within Indonesia.

For starters, Kingaru only sells one type of mattress in Indonesia (in six different sizes). Sven says it doesn’t need more styles because it has created a mattress that adapts to the user.

“We think of this as an industry that has had too much choice for too long. There’s no reason you need 70 different mattresses at a store,” he claims. “You really can design one mattress for everyone’s comfort.”

Kingaru tested thousands of combinations before settling on a memory foam mattress topped with open-cell latex foam. It retails from $250 to $950, depending on the size. But Kingaru’s big selling point is its hassle-free experience. Mattresses are shipped in a box small enough to be delivered by courier within Indonesia. Kingaru also offers free delivery and a 100-night trial period.

The startup is already looking to expand, both in terms of the geography and its products.  Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are on the roadmap. We are counting down to see them going live in 3 weeks from now. We will keep following them and report more in the next few weeks.

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