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Kingaru Sleep Invents a New Pillow of Your Dreams

It’s a fact. A good night’s sleep often depends on using the right pillow for you. But choosing a pillow can also be a nightmare. So now, Kingaru Sleep, has come up with a new way to help you find the pillow of your dreams with the launch of 3 different pillows.

Research shows that sleeping with pillows that are too high or too low can reduce sleep quality by causing shoulder, back and neck pain or discomfort and leading to restless sleep, while a pillow that gives correct neck support can yield a more refreshing slumber.

Imelda says: “We spend a third of our lives asleep and two thirds of us are struggling to get a good night’s sleep.” “By making some simple changes you can transform the quality of your sleep.”

Kingaru Sleep‘s range includes: dacron, microfiber and nanofiber pillows – ideal if you sleep on your side, for neck and posture problems; for back and front sleepers and for those of you who just need a pillow topper (kids) the Dacron pillow will fit best – perfect for those needing a larger pillow and may also help alleviate snoring; the Bolster designed for pregnancy and back pain; More products are being added to the pillow range later this year.

All products in the range boast quality fabric and fillings for supreme softness and to help provide your very own perfect sleeping environment. The pillows are machine washable, too, making them easy to care for.

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