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Hundreds of People Enjoy 2,000 Nights of Sleep on a NASA Technology Mattress

A mattress with technology from NASA is finally entering the Indonesian market. Initially, memory foam used for a mattress was developed by a research center owned by the United States Space Agency (NASA). Making memory foam itself was intended to improve the safety of the spacecraft bearing. NASA found a great way to absorb some of the pressure of gravity found on astronauts that glide into space. For that, they needed to make a special foam that could deal with a sensitivity to temperature with an open cell structure. In other words, Memory Foam was intended as a shock absorber or as complete shock retaining material.

Sleeping on a comfortable and premium mattress is everyone’s desire when they return home after a long working day. A Belgian technology and lifestyle company, Kingaru Sleep, introduced Premium Foam Mattresses in Indonesia and was recently awarded with the “Best Choice Foam Mattress 2018 Award” based on consumer voting results from Indonesian Consumers Association (CSAI).

The Kingaru sleep products entering the Indonesian market don’t use springs anymore, but are made from a Latex Feel composition and an advanced Memory Foam Layering technology. A mattress with this advanced technology is very popular today in Indonesia due to many experts claiming that it improves the sleep quality and our physical recovery overnight.

“Kingaru’s mattress is perfected for consumers who want to finally enjoy premium and luxurious sleep comfort.”  This premium mattress is specially designed so that luxury and comfort can be felt by everyone. The mattress can already be purchased starting from 5 million rupiahs through online ordering. “Kingaru’s mattresses are designed to fit everyones needs and likes. It is perfect for individuals, young couples, parents and children “, says a Kingaru who targets one million people and families in Indonesia to offer the pleasure of sleeping on a comfortable, luxurious and sophisticated mattress. The dog days are over Kingaru added, now we offer everyone access to a mattress that finally delivers upon its promises. Together with our specially designed knock-down bed frames and well crafted pillow line we can be considered as the first complete online sleep brand.

Currently, Kingaru mattresses are in great demand by Indonesian consumers who want to experience sleeping just like in a 5-star hotel. Premium foam mattress that usually can only be owned starting at twenty million rupiah elsewhere, are now offered by Kingaru at affordable prices. A Kingaru mattress can be purchased starting as low as 5 millions rupiah. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, over the counter or cash payment (COD) in place after the goods received by consumers. Even monthly installments are available, so they offer stretched payments over 12 months.

“Due to great demand, the next batch of Kingaru Mattresses will be available again within 1-2 weeks. For customers who have made the order yet, or who want to order today, Kingaru Sleep offers 2 complimentary pillows to all fans for any delay caused by the overwhelming wave of orders. Kingaru’s mattresses, bed frames and pillows will start shipping to consumers again by the end of March 2018,” said Imelda, spokeswoman in Indonesia.

Kingaru Sleep products can be purchased online at www.kingarusleep.co.id and the products come with a next-day delivery, even same day delivery if ordered before 11AM (Jakarta). Kingaru Sleep provides an additional 100 days of free sleep with a money back guarantee in the unlikely event the consumer is not satisfied. The quality of Kingaru’s mattress is guaranteed for 10 years.


Kingaru is a sleep company operating in Europe and Asia that launched in 2017 with one perfect mattress, bedframes and bedding sold directly to consumers — eliminating commission-driven, inflated prices. Our sleep quality was developed in-house, has a modern design, and is delivered in a box. Our mattress was crowned one of Retail Asia’s Best Product Innovation of 2017. Try sleeping on a Kingaru for 100 days, with free delivery and painless returns. Kingaru Sleep has online presence in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and soon Vietnam.

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