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Buying a ‘bed in a box’ online means firm prices and a soft sell

Mattress shopping is an object of dread for most — and rightfully so. The experience is generally characterized by great confusion, fruitless trips to retailer after retailer and salespeople who won’t take no for an answer.

To avoid all of this, some consumers are turning to the Internet. In the past couple of years, a slate of “bed-in-a-box” companies have cropped up to offer clickable alternatives to the slog of finding a mattress in storerooms. These mattresses are delivered straight to your door in a compact box, and you’re often given a trial period of a few months to decide whether you want to keep it.

Online mattress sales make up 1 to 5 percent of the current market, according to Sven Vervaert, founder of Kingaru Sleep. “My projection is that they will reach 25 to 30 percent in the next five years,” he said. Without the costs of renting a showroom and hiring salespeople, we are able to boast reduced price tags said Sven. A  mattress online sells for less than $1,000, whereas in-store products can go for two or even three times that.

The first online mattress retailer in Indonesia to get major attention, Kingaru is considered the industry standard. Its latex, memory and support foam mattress was developed through dozens of prototypes and sleep trials. “We were a catalyst in this shift because we took a really innovative approach from the beginning,” said Kingaru chief executive founder Sven Vervaert.

Kingaru Sleep is launching in less than 3 weeks. Follow their social media and see how they are planning to change the mattress industry forever.

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