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Blackstone and Sky Internasional Appear to be Marketing Scam Masterminds in Indonesia

Blackstone Indonesia and Sky Internasional a self-claimed digital strategic marketing agency in Indonesia with premium services in interactive communications, digital strategy, brand identity, social media and online advertising are to be considered as digital fraud masterminds and to be the leaders of an organization with only one goal, to cheat clients solely to enrich themselves with personal benefits and to fund their luxury lifestyles. 

Retail News received a lot of complaints from several Blackstone Indonesia customers, basically complaining about the same kind of practices. Retail News took the lead in this investigation and took a deeper dive into this matter. After seeing all proof we are committed to send out a warning to all startups and companies in Indonesia. Our advise is not to engage in any partnership with the two mentioned companies. It’s very likely you will lose money, time and efforts in the spiderweb these companies have build out.

The “modus-operandi” is usually the same ; they issue invoices without tax and ask clients to wire money to a variety of bank accounts. All invoices appear to start with #1 for each clients and one of the bank accounts always coming back is from Aldino Ozky, Bank Central Asia with bank (BCA), Account No. 920000223. They use this bank account to wire company money to and to avoid paying taxes, neither issuing any tax receipts.

After a company wires the first retainer, Blackstone shows you their digital dashboard which has all sorts of numbers on page views and impressions and gorgeous graphs. It looks like you’ll have access to loads of information about your marketing. Which in theory is a good idea… The only problem with every one of these fancy dashboards we’ve seen is they provide all sorts of information which is of no use to the business of client and they sell 0. While they charge you for a variety of things, simply to run out your budgets.

Aldi Sky Wungkana, self-esteemed CEO of both companies has an explanation for everything, but not for all above topics he’s writing up ; also not even why the money of the company is wired without tax straight into an employees bank account.

Felix Valentino is also a member of their league, he never picks up the phone when you try to call him ; uses fake whatsapp profiles and he’s to be considered as the the email writer to inform customers that their money is litterally gone. Done and dusted, simply call him the excuse guy.

A random overview of what else they are practicing:

# PPC fraud with high bounce rates and non-targeted traffic.

# sending bot traffic to your website and charging high click CPCs for this ;

# buying FB engagement on non-legal website and sending it over to your social media channels basically ruining everything you have build up ;

# 0 to none connection with big newspapers, but charging the same rates to publish content on shitty websites claiming they offer premium PR services

In regards to the proof of all statements made above, readers, the police and/or any other governemental institution can contact Retail News to received all proof. We have bundled all complaints from startups and customers. None of the phone numbers we called were available for any comments. Whatsapp groups dissolved and no response on email.

A police case is about to be filed as well as a court case to stop these gentlemen from doing what they are doing. Companies are warned! The tax authorities received complaints as well and confirmed they have started an investigation.

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