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Pertamina boosts production with new technology

State-owned oil company Pertamina EP (a subsidiary of Pertamina) is using the underbalance drilling new technology to boost its oil and gas production.

The technology is being used as a new strategy and innovation to exploit production at the Jatibarang old oil field, which is being cultivated since 1972.

The Jatibarang field includes both onshore and offshore fields, Jatibarang Oil Field Manager Herman Rachmadi said in Jatigarang, Friday.

He revealed that the Jatibarang field was divided into nine structures, namely the Sindang, the Karangbaru, the Randegan, the Cemara, the Tugu Barat, the Gantar, the Waled Utara, the Kandanghaur and the X-ray structure for the offshore field.

At the Jatibarang structure, the drilling work is done using the underbalance drilling technology. “The depth target of wells with this technology is 2,000 meters and will be done for a period of two months,” he affirmed.

The other strategy and programs used in the Jatibarang field to increase oil and gas production is the repair program, fracturing, well maintenance, conversion lifting and stimulation.

This year, Jatibarang is handling the maintenance of 30 wells, 59 intervention wells and 26 workover wells.

PT Pertamina EP is also carrying out stimulation programs in wells that experience sedimentation and an increase in the water content.

Currently, the average production of Jatibarang is 5,500 BOPD. The structure which significantly contributes to the production is the X-ray structure with a production of 2,100 BOPD, and the Jatibarang structure with a production of 1,000 BOPD.

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